Visiting grandma

Hi, dear readers!

I spent the past two days at my grandma’s place with my brother and father. She’s such a lovely lady and she makes the best smoothies too! Hahaha 😀

Day 1

The first thing we did when we arrived was so go down to the river. My dad suggested that we could walk up the river like he did when he was young. At first I wasn’t sure if it was a good idea, because I didn’t want to fall into the river and hit my head or something O.o But I just did it anyways and it turned out to be really fun!



bilde 2 (1)

Even though the stones were quite slippery, it went very well^^ The only problem was that my hair kept getting stuck in the threes -_- hahaha 🙂

bilde 3 (1)

I found a three with a lot of pretty flowers, does anyone know what it’s called?

My grandma’s garden is also a place where you can find many pretty flowers. Actually,  both my grandma and my grandma on my mother’s side of the family have beautiful gardens. What is it about grandmothers and flowers? But anyways, I took my camera and walked around in the garden for a while^^






PicMonkey Collage

Okay, I think that’s enough garden pictures for now hahaha 😀 My cat came to meet us a while after we had come back from the river. Yes, my cat lives with my grandma. It started with just the summers, but now she lives there all year^^

PicMonkey Collage 2


Say hello to Dina! She’s my little baby-sunflower-jellybean-cutie pie^^ She’s so cute and I love her sooo much!<3 I don’t think I have ever shown a picture of her on my blog before, but I have mentioned her.

Later the same day, we ate dinner in the garden and got a visit from my uncle. When it started to get close to midnight we all just sat in front of the TV and argued about what we were gonna watch. In the end, I just took the remote and watched Hawaii Five-O, because we would never agree on anything anyways. That’s so typical of my family… hahaha 😉

Day 2

I think I slept until near afternoon, which is another thing that’s typical for my family. My dad took us fishing in the same river that we had walked in the day before. I don’t think my brother and father wants to go fishing with me in a long time, because I got blamed for scaring away the fish more than twice! It’s not my fault that the fish is so easily scared from shouting… We fished for about 2 and a half hours. When we got back, my grandma cooked the fish. We had only gotten one fish. A small fish… But my little brother seemed proud of it^^ Sorry, Mr.Fish…

I had so much fun these two days and I would love to do everything again some other time^^

bilde 1

Here’s a picture of Dina waving and saying thanks for reading!~~


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