About me! Not you…

When you read this, you have reached my blog!

I am a teenage girl, blue eyes, brown hair ^-^ Like love photography and almost everything creative. Have some weird obsession with cute stuff ^^

I love my cat, family and friends above everything else. Anime is necessary to live, a good number two is Manga~~<3

Dream about writing and publishing a book. Don’t like to think bad about about others ( sometimes a little too naive I guess, hehe^^)

Don’t lack confidence, but I’m a little shy. (Look at myself as shy-cute-ish ^-^) Can be outgoing if I feel that it is absolutely necessary…
My goal is to become the best person I can be and become someone that younger generations (and others) can look up to and ask for advice… Kinda like a guiding light ^^

Oh! One more thing… Panda bears is the cutest animal on earth<3

Want to know more?…I will be happy if you comment 🙂

Questions, requests, comments or like…? You choose…

And leave a link to your blog!

13 thoughts on “About me! Not you…

  1. You have such a cute blog! Thank you for following me^^ I can’t wait to discover your blog! From what I’ve read, we have so much in common already:D I love anime, manga and cute things as well:)


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